Yes, our plastic face shields are perfectly reusable and safe.

We recommend cleaning face shields with mild soap and water, or any acrylic cleaner is fine too. 

If you would like to further disinfect your shield with alcohol you may do so but please be aware that alcohol may damage the shield over time

Any further questions on how to care for your acrylic material please refer to: https://plaskolite.com/

Rest assured all of our shields are crystal clear- but all of them will be delivered with a protective film on BOTH sides. This film varies with material suppliers- so it may blue, clear (but foggy), or white with writing on it. In all cases though, it can be peeled very easily, using a fingernail to get started. 

The protective film helps with sanitation of the final product as well as protecting from being scratched in transit. 

See the quick video below for a demonstration.


We have a no return policy on all of our products, if there is a damage please email us at plasticfaceshields@gmail.com

Due to high order volume we may experience delays in handling your order, we try to fulfill all orders as soon as possible, as we know our items are essential for safety, but handling and shipping times are two separate entities. When your package leaves our facility and is handed to your carrier, they scan it and  should deliver it within their estimated delivery time frame.

Typically we ship out order within 1-3 business days

All of our acrylic products come with a protective film that needs to be peeled off from both sides.

Our acrylic material is safe and FDA approved. Our shields are made out of the same material used for glasses.

Standard Barriers have: Machine finished edges and vertical oriented legs

Premium Barriers have: L shape legs provide more sturdiness and ability to tape to work desk, Clean and clear high gloss edge finish